Still working

05 Jul 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 151 parole

WorkingAs you can read in the sidebar, this site is in early beta.

We are working to be ready as soon as possible, with all the covers, the translations and finally our ebooks. But, also, we are testing the information architecture and we are searching for the best way to let you meet the ebook you will love. Maybe a unconventional way: publishing does not need to be boring. For example: why duplicate the authors bio when we can simply link their websitse, wikipedia or Twitter pages? There's no reason for Just Another Bio when you can meet directly the autor.

So, we will open later in july. While we work, if you want you can sit down and  take a coffee. Be patient with our pages, faults, and drafts. In these early days, don't trust excesively what you read, because some information may change. And many news are coming soon.

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