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23 Jul 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 149 parole

40kbooks We didn't start yet to promote 40kbooks, just because we are waiting to have our first titles ready for the readers. Only a few days lefts...

In the meanwhile it was interesting  to collect first reactions to our project. We take seriously our commitment to keep alive the conversation about 40kbooks with our readers, so we share here some of the feedbacks:


Effetto farfalla ed editoria digitale | 40k: ecco i mini ebook | Codice Arrowhead | Piovono ebook! | Cardanica in ebook | Gli ebook vanno alla grande...


40k inova a publicação de ebooks: contos, novelas e ensaios em várias línguas


Édition: une première mondiale | L’édition mul­ti­lingue fait ses débuts sur 40kbooks | 40kbooks : une mai­son d’édition numé­rique mul­ti­lingue | 40K : L’expérience mul­ti­lingue des livres numé­riques

Our ebooks are coming very soon.

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