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30 Jul 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 305 parole

Appel, Crouzet, Rusch

Our first ebooks are finally here. You can buy them from Smashwords and tomorrow morning (italian time) you'll find them in Bookrepublic too.  In the next days they will be shipped to Amazon, Barnes&Noble and other stores.

We decided to publish a bunch of titles before holidays, then -starting in the third week of august- all the promised ebooks will  progressively follow.  And in September we will announce more stories and more essays.

So, you can start reading Fallout by Jacob Appel: it's a wonderful novelette about the September 11 psychosis, a short masterpiece imbued with irony and tenderness. The story is available in english, italian, and portuguese(brasil).

Or you can love the suspance of Except the music, a sofisticate novelette by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  The  story,  an absolutely realist plot with a bit of magic, is available in english, italian, and portuguese(brasil).

If you want to to feed your mind, you can choice** La stratégie du cyborg**: a provocative essay about the concept of the author in a connected world, available in french and in italian. This book will not be available in Smashwords for technical reasons: La stratégie is a structured hypertext (an essay wrote to be digital) and need a well formatted .epub to grant a good experience of reading.  You'll find it tomorrow morning in Bookrepublic and in the future in other stores.

In the last weeks we started a conversation with our followers on Twitter and our fans on Facebook. Now we can start to discuss with you about our books. So, if you like to be part of a community, feel free to twit us what you think (hashtag #40kbooks) or simply review our books on the platform you used to download it. Here you have our policy about reviews: we hope you join our conversation.

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