A short but complete history of our first day of sales

31 Jul 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 155 parole

We are born as publishers

1. This morning, the paper edition of Repubblica had an article about us (and Bookrepublic).  We thank the most important italian newspaper for the presentation.

2. Our first sale happened yesterday on Smashwords.  Someone bought  a copy of Radiazione.

3. The first sale in Bookrepublic happened within a couple hours of launching our books in the store: it was a copy of Tranne la musica

4. The first non-italian title we sold via Bookrepublic was Fallout.

5. The first Twitter review was tweeted to her 7451 followers by @lkblackburne. Curious? Read it.

6. Our CEO bought a copy of Fallout (!!!)

7. The first web review is here. Thank you.

8. The first copy sold of the Cyborg was the italian version.

9. All our titles are on Goodreads.

10. The bestseller of the first day was  Radiazione.

(That's all for now, folks. Have a good weekend of reading!)

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