Interviews, the book club and other little amenities

03 Aug 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 141 parole

Kristine Rusch

1. SheNoir has an interview with Kristine Kathryn Rusch. In italian.

Kristine tells how she got the inspiration to write  "Except the music" (you can read the novelette in english, italian and portuguese)

2. More interviews.

Are you curious about the ebook landscape in Italy? Ebook in italiano: intervista a Marco Ferrario di BookRepublic. (D'oh, he's our CEO).

3. Thank you for the hype/1. AdnKronos, an important italian press agency, had an article about us and many websites still are amplifying the news.

4. Thank you for the hype/2. Libri sui libri wrote a post about us,  promising a review of Radiazione. We'll looking forward to get their feedback.

5. A readers reacts. Trust in Art loved the main character of Radiazione.

6. We have a Book Club.  We hope to know better each others: come to join us.

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