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Kristine Kathryn Rusch

A conversation with Kristine Kathryn Rusch_ Francesca Colletti (thanks to: SheNoir - italian version)_

First off, Kris, we want to thank you for taking the time to chat with us a bit. Please, tell me something about you in 10 lines (things like, your name, your age, what do you like etc.)?

You’re welcome. Thanks for asking me to participate.

My name is Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and this year, I’m surprised to discover that I have lived for fifty years. I consider myself twenty-five, so I’m constantly surprised when I look in the mirror. I live in Oregon, on the west coast of the United States, within spitting distance of the Pacific Ocean. I write books and short stories for a living. I’m married to a wonderful man (writer Dean Wesley Smith) and I consider myself very fortunate.

So, let's talk about the beginnings of your career. How long have you been writing?

As long as I’ve been able to hold a crayon. But I’ve been writing professionally since I was sixteen. I’ve been writing fiction professionally since I was in college.

** And now let's head on to your novelette, Except the music, which I loved. Where did the ideas for it come from?**

Except The MusicFor years, my small beach town here in Oregon held an international level concert series. A major classical musician, famous worldwide, owned a home here, and when he turned sixty, he decided he didn’t want to travel during the hot summer months.  So he organized the festival and invited all of his friends. They spent three weeks here, playing music and offering free performances for the locals, as well as paid performances. I went every year for the festival’s last ten, and it was during one of those concerts that I got the idea for the story.

** What can you tell to those still missing "Except the music" to whet their appetites?**

Except the Music is a fantasy story, but it’s really about music, relationships, and taking risks. I think anyone who occasionally feels alone will enjoy the story a great deal.

What do you consider as your best effort? Which of your books would you recommend to an hesitant reader?

I always consider my best effort to be the novel I’m currently working on. As for recommending one of my books, I always ask the reader what they like to read first.  I write in so many different genres that I can tailor it to the specific reader. So if you like upbeat books, try my Kristine Grayson novels.  In the States, the next one, Wickedly Charming, will appear in the spring. If you like dark noir mysteries, try Hitler’s Angel (which has an Italian edition) or my Kris Nelscott Smokey Dalton series.  If you like traditional sf, read my Diving into the Wreck _ novel. And if you don’t know what you might like, try _Fantasy Life, which takes our world and twists it a little.

You're currently writing four series of books of various genres. How do you manage to keep up with such prolificity, not to mention the skill of mastering so many different genres?

I read in all of those genres. I didn’t know what a genre was until I was in college, so it’s natural to me to write across the board. I write quickly because I enjoy telling stories, so it doesn’t seem like work to me to write a lot. I love writing and the reader feedback. It takes organization to get all my books done, but that’s a minor part of my job.

Your books - whatever the genre - have been praised with awards like the Ellery Queen Readers Choice Award, the Asimov's Readers Choice Award and twice with the Hugo Award. Do you think there is a specific something, which crosses the genres' borders and is important to your critics?

I have no idea.  I simply know that people seem to enjoy my work. I do strive to write the best I possibly can, and I’m always working to improve. That seems to help.

Are there any genres you didn't confront with yet and which you'd like to give a try to?

I’d like to do a historical romance at some point—as soon as I have a good idea, of course.

*You're a writer and editor.  Which one is the toughest job? *

For me, editing. I don’t like being confined in my reading, and editing forces you to read for one topic. I’d rather be writing.

What's next for Kristine Kathyrn Rusch, or your other pseudonyms?

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has City of Ruins, the next diving book appearing next year. Kristine Grayson’s work is getting reissued to accompany the new Wickedly Charming. Kris Nelscott will have a new novel late next year. And of course, I’m always doing more short stories.

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