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23 Sep 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 168 parole

Black Swan - Bruce Sterling

«The chasm between science and the humanities is nowhere more blatent than the lack of work on how science fiction is reprocessed and used by those of us securely strapped into the laboratory», writes Malcom McIver, joining a conversation about Modifiable Futures: Science Fiction at the Bench. «It’s a topic that attracts some heat: Some scientists take to suggestions of inspiration between their creations and those in preceding Sci-Fi with the excitement of a freshman accused of buying their midterm essay off the internet».

«There’s not a lot of science fiction around these days, so pretty soon science will have to put up with being influenced by paranormal romance», remarks) Bruce Sterling (author of our Black Swan, a novelette inspired by a fascinating theory) .

The discussion is really interesting. If you love sci-fi or if you love science, there's another input from the Sterling's blog:) «Could we have had the iPhone without Star Trek?»: Design Fiction: Provoking the Future by Making It

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