About the war. From Grossman to Follett.

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Tim Rutten reacts to Obama's war by Robert Woodward:_ "In his one-on-one interview with Woodward, Obama explained his predecessor's failure to do critical strategic and contingency planning with some empathy". _Read more on LA Times

Also Amy Davidson write about Obama's war by Robert Woodward: "Perhaps President Obama should have shaken his head a bit more definitively when his generals told him, as Woodward also recounts, that they had no options to offer other than what is looking like a tragic escalation of the war". Read more on The New Yorker

Colm Toibin reacts to The end of the land by David Grossman: _ .."He has created a panorama of breathtaking emotional force, a masterpiece of pacing, of dedicated storytelling, with characters whose lives are etched with extraordinary, vivid detail."_ Read more on NY Times

At last, Chintia Crossen on Fall of Giants, a new book of** Ken Follett**,_ the first of a trilogy, whose second and third volumes are scheduled for publication in 2012 and 2014: _"The pivotal events in "Fall of Giants" are World War I, the Russian Revolution and women's suffrage. Mr. Follett tells epic yarns in prose he calls "transparent". _Read more on Wall Street Journal _

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