Will Roth win the Nobel?

04 Oct 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 214 parole

Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg reacts to** Philip Roth’s latest novel, **Nemesis: «The short novel, he says, requires different skills, which he didn't realize when he began the series. "You have to be able to compress and condense," he says. "That's the skill, to condense and pack a punch at the same time."» Read more on The Wall Street Journal

Also** David L. Ulin** writes on Roth: « "Nemesis" has more than a little in common with such efforts, both because of its Newark setting (…) and also because of the atmosphere of barely controlled panic, of "vile accusation and intemperate hatred," that runs throughout the book”.» Read_ A conversation with Philip Roth_ on Los Angeles Times

Kathryn Harrison reacts to a classic:** Madame Bovary**, by Gustave Flaubert. She writes about the Cristine Davis’s deliciuos translation:   “It is a shame Flaubert will never read Davis’s translation of “Madame Bovary.” Even he would have to agree his masterwork has been given the English translation it deserves”. Read Desperate Housewife on New York Times

At last, a review on Bitch is the new black, a memoir by Helena Andrews.

Nancy Trejos writes: “Ultimately, though, her book tries to answer one vexing question: Does being a successful, well-educated woman scare men away?” Read more on The Washington Post

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