Some things you may have missed in the past week

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Machines of Death


Save The date: ifbookthen | the future of publishing, now

Dan Blank, The Key to an Effective Engagement Strategy: Patience

Mike Shatzkin, The sales paradigm needs to change

Omnivoracious, DIY publishing at its best | via @SFSIgnal

Jewcy, The Future Of Publishing Is Totally Okay: An Interview With Richard Nash | via @Jafurtado

Jamie Grove, Authors that discover Amazon Dtp via @AdviceToWriters

Kristine Rusch, The Small Publishers who succeed might be the publishers that change the publishing industry forever

Kat Meyer, Amazon continues quest to dominate the world by innovating and making customers happy

Daniel Kalder, Authors, Social Media and the Allure of Magical Thinking

The Travel Insider, Amazon faces some significant challenges as the ebook market evolves


Darren Menachemson, Why Stories Work as Design Tools

Emily St. John Mandel, "How short can a story be and still be a complete story?"

Beyond the mergins, 6 Vital Signs of A Healthy Plot | via @JaneFriedman

Chris McKitterick, Thoughts on piracy, freedom, and making a living as a writer

Orson Scott Card, Stereotyping Your Fictional Characters

Books / Reviews

Flavorpill, 10 Online Lit Mags You Should Be Reading

Don't miss it: Jason Sanford, Why we write literary reviews | via @SFSignal

Damien G. Walter, Reality is for people who can't handle Science Fiction

Sophie Masson, Some tips for writing short fantasy and supernatural stories

Shaun Duke, If you love SF, become a writer or an amateur critic or a review writer


Advertising Age, TV Crime Does Pay -- the More Complex the Better


Robert Spaolsky, The Metaphorical Brain

New Scientist, The neuroscience of stories we tell ourselves | via @Trustinart

Technology Review, Why Life Is Physics, Not Chemistry

Mad Science, How do you really know what time it is?

The World of 40k

Rhys Hughes,** **Astral Disruption

Paul Di Filippo, New DiFi interview

Mickey Blue Eyes reviews Cardanica

Giulia Sepe reviews Il Panchinaro

Alessandro Bonino reviews La strategia del cyborg

Livia reviews Wikiworld

Emanuela reviews Cardanica

eFFe reviews Ultimo círculo | El cielo bajo los pies

Julieta Lionetti, El enigma es un libro de papel

Terracota, Bruce Sterling no Brasil, entre 2 e 7 de dezembro

Tradução brasileira por @Flavia_Cortes:  Bruce Sterling, Cisne Negro

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