Roundup: Your Biggest Enemy is the Obscurity

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Benchwarmer - Mike Resnick, Lezly Robyn # Some things you may have missed in the past week


Cory Doctorow, What do we want copyright to do?

Without posing this question, asking whether intellectual property laws are working is like asking how long is a piece of string.

TeleRead,** **Piracy: an objective view

But do I blame the ‘pirates’ for this? Or are there other forces to think about here?


J.A. Konrath, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Monetize It

_ What's the new biggest enemy? Obscurity._

BookEnds take it seriously: Launching Your Career Via Kindle (for unpublished authors) or Building Your Career on Kindle (published authors)

It’s a really interesting time in publishing. Self-published electronic books are changing the way many of us think about books

Swan Tower, Writing Fight Scenes: The Question of Purpose | via @SFSignal

Know why you're doing this fight. Know why your characters are doing it, too.

Jason Pinter, The 10 Commandments of Social Networking for Writers

2. Be Not a Used Car Salesman

Books | Reviews

Paul Raven, Science, science fiction and the real world: some perspectives | via @jaygarmon

three interesting essays about science fiction and its relationship to reality we inhabit

Scott Timberg, Philip K. Dick’s Masterpiece Years

Much of what is revealed in the book is already known to scholars and is part of the biographical record. But by putting Dick’s life into human terms, Ms. Dick offers a window through which the curious — from the general reader to the fan boy — can approach this often inscrutable author

The World of 40k

SF Signal reviews «Benchwarmer» by Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn

But the authors also do a superb job at making you care about the characters and their relationship because they show that it _means something to each of them._

Julieta Lionetti, L'Enigma è un Libro di Carta (spanish version: El Enigma es un Libro de Papel)

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