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The Parthenopean Scalpel

  • Robert McCrum, This is the future, and it glows like ET On screen and in print, it has been a year of mixed messages for the book trade. But one reading at least says the future is bright

  • O'Reilly: Cyber Monday In celebration of Cyber Monday, we've extended our Deal of the Day to our entire catalog of ebooks

  • Jeffrey carver, Free Downloads Ending. Wait—What? The theory that free downloads drive _sales _of books, which apparently works for some writers, does not seem to have clicked for me.

  • Seth Godin, The label has no assets, just desire Twenty years ago, self-publishing a record was difficult and expensive. A big label could get you shelf space at Tower easily, you couldn't. A big label could pay for a recording session with available capital, but it was difficult for you to find the money or take the risk. A big label could reach the dozens of music reviewers, and do it with credibility. Hard for you to do that yourself. Now?


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The World of 40k

  • Mickey Blue Eyes reviews "The Parthenopean Scalpel" by Bruce Sterling «Great work, Maestro!»

  • Paul Di Filippo on Pynchon and research Pynchon definitely set the gold standard prior to the internet for maximalist, insanely erudite fiction.

  • Rhys Hughes, on Facebook:_ _«The next Mischief story will be set in the city of Calvino and will feature a robot version of Marco Polo...»

  • Livia Blackburne, From Word to Brain I'm happy to announce that my essay From Word to Brain will be coming out with 40K books...

  • Luca Conti, Il futuro dei mondi virtuali è tutt’altro che segnato Credere che Second Life sia morta e sepolta e che i mondi virtuali siano stati soltanto una bolla mediatica significa non averne compreso la portata.

  • Liviaf recensice "Il Panchinaro" di Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn Il finale agrodolce parla di cose "di grande importanza per i ragazzi molto giovani, e per gli uomini molto vecchi", ma commuove anche noi..

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