[Publishing] Nostalgia is not a strategy

12 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 185 parole

_ «Very few of the authors we will collectively work with will be as effective as Gary Vaynerchuck, or Susan Orlean at employing social media. And that's okay. There exist other strategies besides those used by the few writers whose names are most frequently mentioned as social media success stories. There exist other more customized methodologies. And there exist other, more appropriate metrics to determine success.

Nostalgia is not a strategy.

In nearly every session -transmedia, online promotion, rights questions, eBook publishing, community building- the question being asked was "How?" But the question at bottom, often unspoken, was "who?". Who is training the author, who is developing long-term strategy for the author's community, who is untangling the rights knot in the U.S. and internationally, etc? And as I've said here and here, it seems to me the answer is most frequently, and most reasonably, the Agent.» _


Everyone in publishing has to evolve. As Todd pointed out in a comment, there are -if possible- still more reasons to deal with a publisher in a time when everyone can self-publish.

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