[Writing] Reactions: 'writing as pure entertainment' versus 'writing as literature'

13 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 222 parole

_ «At first glance, that seems reasonably compelling. Let's comprehensively demolish it. [...] 1) It simply isn't true that literary fiction is unconstrained or that all story options are open to it. [...] 2) Docx assumes that people set out to write in a particular genre. This is, of course, sometimes true, but some people also write what they want to and then find genre labels imposed on their books retrospectively. In the latter case, his point about genre fiction simply doesn't apply. [...] 3) This leads into the final point: that Docx's argument does not compare like with like. He is effectively comparing a completed genre novel with the infinite possibilities he (incorrectly) imagines open to an unwritten literary novel. In reality, we judge completed works, and every story has been entirely constrained by the act of writing it down. Every novel is a single, set route through this garden of paths. [...] The rest of the article is a greatest hits for this sort of discussion.» _


Some reactions to the Docx's article we linked yesterday ([Writing] Literary vs Genre (again): snobbery and reverse snobbery):

Why Edward Docx is wrong about genre fiction (quoted above)

Edward Docx: A Slug Defending His Gated Community

Here we go again - genre vs literary (via @SFSignal)

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