[40k] @SFSignal reviews "Black Swan" by Bruce Sterling (@bruces): "The story is about what is happening around us"

14 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 156 parole

_ «In this story, Sterling presents a near future (several, actually) that is dark and somewhat pessimistic. This becomes, in fact, the main focus of the second act. Characterizations here are minimal, as evidenced by Luca's acceptance of the seemingly impossible being taken in stride with a single dismissive sentence. Surprisingly, this work's to the story's credit as it becomes more of a speculation on the apparently inevitable problems with the world.

This keeps the story moving, too, though perhaps too quickly to keep it standing altogether upright. The short third act is over before it's clear what, exactly, takes place in anything but the most general terms. This is perhaps by design -- as if the story is not about what happens to Luca and Massimo, but what is happening around them; that is, what is happening around us.» _


You can read "Black Swan" in 3 languages (#eng, #ita #por)


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