[Publishing] My Kindle experiment

14 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 137 parole

_ «Prior to cutting the price to 99 cents on November 1, the three books had been available on Kindle for about a week at $2.99 but I had only sold a handful after publicising them on my blog.

Over the course of the first week I sold a total of 329. By the end of the second week sales stood at 2,091. That means I sold 1,762 copies in the second week.

By the end of week three, my sales total 4,611. That means that in the third week I sold 2,520 copies.

By the end of the final week of the experiment my sales had hit 7,529, which means I sold 2,918 in the fourth week.» _


Read the full post, it's a worth reading. Maybe there's a lesson to learn


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