[Writing] "Intelligent genre fiction abounds, maybe he just doesn't know where to look"

14 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 183 parole

_ «One of the problems, and I've heard it articulated in other venues, is that we tend to focus on the worst of genre and the best of literary. There are as many awful attempts at literary fiction as there are in any genre, the difference is in the middle tier. Whereas mediocre literary work doesn't receive much attention, genre works of equal quality are celebrated. Plenty of genre's most celebrated authors are squarely seated at the sub-par table. The afore mentioned Dan Brown certainly will win no prizes for the leanness of his prose. Stieg Larsson in translation is long-winded and concerned with details that are of no consequence.

On the flip side, we rarely hear from literary bottom-dwellers. The market for literary fiction is so constrained that the chaff gets roundly decimated before it has a chance to enter the public consciousness. In a world where your goal is to rise among such luminaries as Falkner, or Tolstoy, or Mailer, you aren't given much leeway when it comes to choppy performances.» _


Nobody agrees with Docx's article.


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