[Publishing] The future of stories and the Internet

19 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 182 parole

_ «Multiple themes emerge in Rose's book. The first is that conventional entertainment doesn't work they way it used to.  We know that just from looking at the numbers.  Box office sales, DVD sales, music sales have all plummeted in recent years.

Secondly, the command and control world of the author (or auteur in the film world) is over.  As soon as the audience can step in, create content and direct, the old model crumbles.

Three, stories and games have become more inextricably linked than ever.  A game may never be able to offer the full "sensory wallop" of a motion picture, but they certainly allow the viewer to insert himself directly into the experience. Given the desire to participate, games become a magical way to connect and influence.

And four, it's normal for there to be confusion and even resistance as a new definition of story telling develops and movie makers, publishers and ad agencies all struggle to figure it out.» _


Publishers, with enhanced books, maybe are just trying to reinvent videogames from a different perspective.


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