[Publishing] E-Books: Two Sides of the Coin

24 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 193 parole

_ «These days it is necessary for me to take note of debates about the effects of ebooks on the publishing industry. I therefore took the time to read recent posts by Paul Cornell and Gary Gibson. They take very different positions. Paul explains how illegal downloading is theft, and is killing the ability of creative people to make a living. Gary explains that piracy has always happened (though in the past we called it things like "second hand bookstores" and "libraries") and always will happen.


I don't pretend to have any answers here, but I'm pretty sure that demanding that everyone who wants to consume a particular piece of art should pay their fair share of the cost is only going to result in lowest common denominator art. If we want better art to thrive, then those of us who appreciate it have to find ways of financing it ourselves. If the government is not prepared to do so, and in this country at least arts funding is being brutally decimated, then we have to do it ourselves.» _


Read the Paul Connell's post too.

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