eBooks: Guides for Newbies

26 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 122 parole

Many of us got an e-reader for Christmas. Let's start a new adventure.

«So», write The Millions, «for all those readers unwrapping shiny new devices, here are some links to get you going». A Special Note for All You New Kindle (And Other Ereader) Owners

«E-Readers like the Nook and the Sony Reader automatically give you access to the thousands of books in Google's online library», write Steve Kovach, «But for devices like the Kindle, you need to work around a few obstacles before you can gain access». Score A Kindle This Morning? Here's How To Load It With Free Google Books

If it's not enough, Mike Cane posted a great collection of links: Post-Christmas eBook Survival Guide.

Have a good read.

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