[Writing] Can Authors Now Do It Digitally Themselves?

27 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 162 parole

_ «Is this is the long-awaited dawn of creative writing, where digital not only redefines the book, how it is created, developed, promoted, distributed and rewarded, but also stimulates writing and creativity itself? We have seen the generation shift from watching film and listening to music to making them, so are we going to see an equally significant shift in writing? Some will say it has happened and everyone now can express themselves and communicate with others without paper and the need of a publisher. Others will say that there is still the need to be "published". Relationships are already starting to change and the disintermediation that many predicted is now starting to take some interesting twists and turns.

Whatever happens there will always be two key entities - the authors who create and the readers who consume and pays. The gap between them is now narrowing.» _


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