[Publishing] Jim Hines on Ebook Marketing

30 Dec 2010 in international | questo post è lungo 187 parole

_ «Here's the problem. It is all very well having your book available on Amazon, but with millions of other books also available, how is anyone going to find it, let alone buy it? There are things you can do. Good covers, good associated blurb, having more than one book available: all these help. But even so the haystack in which you are trying to get your needle noticed is very large indeed.

This is a problem for anyone trying to sell ebooks. How do you get your wares noticed? It is a problem that bugged me when I was thinking about setting up Wizard's Tower. That's one reason why I have Salon Futura: it gives me an opportunity once a month to tell a lot of people about new books. It is also why the bookstore sells books by other publishers. The more good material I have there, the more people will visit and the more chance I'll have of selling my own books. But that's probably not enough.» _


Worth reading: the findability of ebooks is an hot topic.

via SFSignal.


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