[Publishing] Konrath: Self-Publishing and... Prices

01 Jan 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 142 parole

_ «1000 ebook sales a month for a $2.99 self-pubbed ebook is a very conservative number --I have ebooks regularly selling 2000 or 3000 a month.

But I've NEVER had a $5.99 ebook sell 1000 copies a month, and that's what a traditional publisher will price their ebooks at. Each $5.99 ebook that sells will earn the author $1.05, and they'll sell considerably fewer (as many as ten times fewer, according to my numbers) than the $2.99 ebook earning them $2.04.

Yes, there will be paper sales, but my best selling paper book, Afraid, didn't even earn me $25k in print royalties, and it has a hardcover, trade paper, and two mass market releases on three continents.» _


J.A. Konrath advocates -as usual- self-publishing. Look at the maths but remember that sales are a consequence of media exposure.


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