11 sci-fi and fantasy novels you shouldn't miss

08 Jan 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 124 parole


Paul Di Filippo's picks for the the novels you just shouldn't miss: 11 sci-fi and fantasy novels we're looking forward to in 2011.

Wikiworld - Paul Di Filippo - English versionWe are anxious to read Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi («Scalzi reinvents the first-contact story between humanity and those cuter-than-Ewoks aliens known as Fuzzies») and Rule 34 by Charles Stross (the story of  Detective Liz Kavanaugh, «who has to draw the line between innocent online fantasies and illegal -and deadly- scams»).

But, talking about Paul Di Filippo, soon in 2001, after Wikiworld («One absolute knock-out story… that is among the most exciting pieces of fiction I’ve read in years», said Cory Doctorow), we will publish another novelette: Return to XX Century.

Stay tuned.

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