[Publishing] DRM may not prevent piracy, but it might still protect sales

14 Jan 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 198 parole

_ «But casual sharing is another matter, or so it seems to me. People share published material all the time through email, usually by forwarding a link to something they want somebody else to see but sometimes by attaching a file or embedding text or images in the body of an email. Some people (my wife among them) maintain mailing lists of people whom they alert about one thing or another. This kind of person-to-person curation is the new automation-assisted word-of-mouth, and it is a critical component of modern communication.

So here's what I think. I have no idea whether piracy helps sales or hurts them but, whatever it does, I can't see how DRM prevents it. But I do think DRM prevents "casual sharing" (it sure stops me; and I think most people are more like me than they are like my friends who break DRM for sport) and I believe - based on faith, not on data - that enabling casual sharing would do real damage to ebook sales with the greatest damage to the biggest books.» _


This is an interesting point of view. What do you think about "casual sharing"?


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