[Publishing] A Modern View On DRM

16 Jan 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 177 parole

_ «I don't know how many DRM opponents have the interest or patience to read this blog, but please take note. It is either disingenuous or unsophisticated (or both) to use "it does nothing to deter piracy" as an argument against DRM. Most of the people supporting the use of DRM know that and agree with you. The news is "dog bites man". You might as well try to persuade the other side by proving that DRM doesn't cure cancer. We agree on that as well.» _


Mike Shatzkin shares, as usual, a thought-provoking point of view.
As you know, we don't use DRM.
We generally agree with Mike, but we think that DRM is still a problem for paying customers in many different mediums. DRM can be a cost in many ways (reputation, customer care). Also, we suppose that it's a far from perfect solution even if we think about casual sharing as a problem.
But we may need to think it again.

Anyway, read carefully the post and build your opinion.


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