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Intro.  Chechlist For Getting Published Nicola Morgan: «I believe that if you can say yes to all of these, you give yourself more chance of being published. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that doing all of them will get you published, because that depends on what you have written, how well you have written it and whether a publisher believes he can make a success of it. And magic fairy dust.» Read more.


*# Explore how the reading experience works. * What is it that transforms a page full of words into an experience that moves us and leaves us changed? From Words to Brain | Creative Writing and Neurolinguistics

**Our brains naturally frame events as stories.

**Stories are efficient summaries of reality, but that isn't all they are. Stories have an arc, they put constraints on the future - when you've heard the first half there are some things which are more likely in the second, and some less. I'm sure our minds use stories because they describe the way the world is AND because they say something about how the world could or will be. Read more.

*From Words to Brain# Lighting up your reader’s brain: Can neuroscience teach you to be a better writer? *Fascinating stuff.  Livia suggests that writers can use information about brain regions as a source of ideas for details to include in their narratives. Are you using all five senses? What about movement? Are your characters complex enough for the reader to infer motivations, thoughts, and feelings from their actions? Read more.


# How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle If you're looking for a way to self-publish your own book on the Kindle, it's surprisingly simple. Here's the step-by-step method of making your writing available to the Kindle masses. Read the comments too.

*# The keys to epublishing success? * My advice? Get started now... Read more

*# Six e-Book Trends to Watch in 2011 *We need curators more than ever. Read more.

# Great beginners guide to ebooks a “must see”

# Read eBooks right on your computer While the pros of having a dedicated eReader are numerous, the reality is that you could dip your toes into the eBook market without having to shell out a lot of money for a fancy new device.  I point this out because, if you're like me, you like to try things out before spending gobs of money.  I wasn't sure I would like reading on a screen, so I wanted to take a sort of 'test drive' first and that's when I came across ways that you could read eBooks on your existing equipment. Read more.


Author 2.0

****Publishers want authors who have their own ‘platforms’, that is, an audience ready to buy their books.

****How to use Web 2.0 tools to write, publish, sell and promote your book using the Blueprint for your online author platform. Author 2.0

# How authors are marketing their own work Jennifer Joel:  «But given a choice between authors who spend no time on promotion and authors who spend too much time, I'll take the author who spends too much time anytime.» Read more.

Selling Stories Successfully# *Any fool can write a novel but it takes real genius to sell it *Picture the scene. You’re a struggling writer. You’ve written the most incredible story. You’ve come up with a yarn that’s Twilight times ten, a novel that makes Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy look so last century. There’s only one problem. It’s a major problem, however. You’ve got to sell the thing. You have to persuade people to buy it, both literally and metaphorically. You’ve woken up to the fact that storytelling and storyselling are two completely different things. Selling Stories Successfully | Authors must build their own brands - Time To Wake Up And Smell The Customer

*Sarah Wendell# The reader as more than just “that person who buys my books" *The tricky part is that both the publisher and the author contribute to the author’s brand, but the author has more riding on the brand’s efficacy. Read more.

# How To Use Facebook Advertising To Market Your Book Joanna Penn: «Generally, I’m a fan of free marketing like blogging, social networking, podcasting and video creation. All these things take time but are free or very cheap. But sometimes, there is a place for paid advertising, especially around the time of a book launch and I’ll be using Facebook for the Pentecost launch.» Read more.

# The Evolution of How I Use Twitter **Jane Friedman: **«If I want to make the most of these tools, then I have to follow only those people who use Twitter in about the same way I do.» Read the comments too.

# Your Social Media Followers Are Your Best Customers If you’ve ever suspected your social media followers are your best customers, your instinct was correct.  The customers who choose to follow you on social channels are considerably more apt to promote your brand to others. Read more.



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