Friday To Friday: Can neuroscience teach you to be a better writer?

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«I found myself quoting it repeatedly for several weeks after reading it.» [K. Okada]

«If you read or write, or if you are simply curious, you will enjoy reading (and rereading) this essay.» [Michael Power]

«I found this very interesting and the more we learn about this, the more writers could change the way they produce stories. Fascinating read - that's the best way I can describe it.» [Clarissa Draper]

Can neuroscience teach you to be a better writer?

«Hmm», wrote Alan Rinzler, «Intrigued, I phoned up Livia in Cambridge to ask if writers could really manipulate readers’ brains so their books might have greater success.» Here you can find the interview.

Too Technical? Not at all!

And, if it all sounds too technical, don't worry! As Victoria Pantazis says, «Blackburne seems to have achieved the difficult task of conveying the neurology and science of reading and interpreting what we read in a way that's simple while making me want to keep reading!»

The next pop science publishing phenomenon?

From Words to Brain «Is Livia Blackburne the next pop science publishing phenomenon?!» [Joanna Penn, author and blogger]

We hope that, but you can make your own opinion. Our Friday To Friday special, this week, cuts the price:

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