As an indie author, how do I get my eBooks to sell?

11 Feb 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 231 parole

“As an indie author, how do I get my eBooks to sell?”

This question–or variations thereof–seems to pop up often in the Book & Authors section of Yahoo Answers, as well as upon the digital face of a bevvy of other websites.

Simple answer: no one knows for certain.

[Meredith Greene]

Selling Stories SuccessfullyStephen Brown, Professor of Marketing Research in the Ulster Business School, and a specialist in the marketing strategies of brand-name authors like J.K. Rowling, James Patterson and Dan Brown, says that novelists need to wake up and smell the customer.

He arguments that the best insights into buying and selling and marketing and branding, and all that other awful stuff, are found in works of fiction, not big boring anthologies or dry-as-dust academic articles. When it comes to sales & marketing, one learned commentator makes clear, “you can learn more from a reasonably good novel than a solid piece of social science research”.

You can read a review or you can buy the ebook at a special price (Amazon US, $ 0,99 / Amazon UK £ 0,71). But, if you are a skeptic it and you own a Kindle, send us a mail to receive a Kindle gift (3 copies for the first 3 readers). The mail is info [at] 40kbooks.com

And, btw, if you love writing (or if you simply love reading) try this as well.

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