What does reading or writing mean to you?

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Livia Blackburne"Why do you read or write? What books or experiences have contributed the most to your understanding of the reading process?"

If you are a writer (or if you simply love reading), join the Q & A With Livia Blackburne, author of From Words To Brain.

Can neuroscience teach you to be a better writer?

"Hmm", wrote Alan Rinzler, "Intrigued, I phoned up Livia in Cambridge to ask if writers could really manipulate readers’ brains so their books might have greater success." Here you can find the interview.

But now you can ask your own questions to Livia

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From the Amazon page of the book:

From Words to Brain"I loved two things about this book. First and foremost, Livia Blackburne's lively and crystal clear explanation of what goes on inside our brains as we read. She uses "Little Red Riding Hood" to conduct a soup-to-nuts tour of everything that happens as our eyes and mind process the words in a story. It's all really enlightening and not just for mind geeks, but truly anyone interested in how writing engages readers.

Dalle Parole al CervelloSecond, I love the underlying concept of the series this title belongs to. The publisher is 40kBooks and they specialize in both short fiction and essays. A blurb from their site says it all: "When you read an essay, you invest time. Our essays are designed to deliver focused knowledge in +/- an hour. Efficiency = Reading Time / Knowledge Delivered." Combined with talented writers like Ms. Blackburne, this pitch is a real winner. In an age of Info Overload, a promise to save me time & make me smarter? Sold." [Peter Myers]

"If you read or write, or if you are simply curious, you will enjoy reading (and rereading) this essay." [Michael Power]

"Livia manages to cram psychological explanations into an easy to read essay that 'lay' readers can enjoy as well as those more scientifically minded. The up to date studies on how the brain interprets words are fascinating and I learned a lot from this fast read. Is Livia Blackburne the next pop science publishing phenomenon?!" [Joanna Penn]

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