The $0.99 (£ 0.71) Rule

22 Feb 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 167 parole

"It’s interesting to see how low-priced books are gradually taking over the Kindle Store." Kindle Reviews asks What happens if ebook prices drop to the $1 to $5 range? The post is interesting, a worth read.

Prices are a critical issue. This month we are running an experiment,  a special with all our ebooks (essays & stories) at a "indie" price: $ 0.99 | £ 0.71 on Amazon. Obviously rough data convey little meaning. But, with lower prices, the preferences of our readers changed in some way. We can share some information.

  • Essays: best sellers of this month

From Words to BrainThe Narrative Escape - Tom StaffordSelling Stories SuccessfullyThe Augmented Mind

  • Stories: best sellers of this month

Black Swan - Bruce SterlingWikiworld - Paul Di Filippo - English versionThe Parthenopean ScalpelReturn to the Twentieth Century

  • Books you might want to read at a special price (until February 28, 2001):

Benchwarmer - Mike Resnick, Lezly RobynExcept The MusicFallout - Jacob AppelThe Astral Disruptor - Rhys Hughes

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