"The Phantom Festival" by Rhys Hughes is out! $0.99

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Today is the day! You can find The Phantom Festival by Rhys Hughes on Amazon US for (only) 99$  - £0.70 on Amazon UK.

After The Astral Disruptor, Rhys's readers will be amazed by a supernatural story dealt with the origin of music...Don't miss it!


Womad Festival. A girlfriend. Dead musicians. Ghosts. The humanity of music. A gigantic cavern.

"Without music humanity would be a base thing. I know it." It is not hard to agree on the opinion that music is an essential human experience, maybe it is just what makes human being properly human. That is what the protagonist of the last novelette by Rhys Hughes believed before living the most unbelievable adventure ever, that leads him to discover the music's source inside a phantom reality and to cross the shadow line of his life: “I can't remember the year of the festival that changed my life. (...) I could find out easily enough, but I guess I prefer to leave many facts as vague as possible to protect my sanity. Having said that, for the sake of this story I ought to make an effort to report everything accurately...”

A descent into the hell of music history to the dark side of arts and human nature.

$ 0,99 (£ 0,71) **until march 31  | Genre: ***#magic realism #fantasy*

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I’m always doing more short stories[

](http://www.40kbooks.com/?p=3548)# Intervista con Kristine Rusch (Italian) Amazon: reviews Goodreads: reviews **

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