[Review] Chris reviews "Black Swan" by Bruce Sterling

08 Mar 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 143 parole

«One of the newer topics, and by newer I mean several years but new to many, is is membrane fiction. We have always had sci-fi about multiple world in other dimensions, but with the advent of a growing scientific camp of believers in Brane Theory (part of String Theory). My hopes are that this story is a primer for a longer story. Lucas, the unwitting traveller in this transdimensional trip, is likable and a character I want to learn more about. His plight of not feeling exuberant about a new dimension to explore is a fascinating dynamic. Overall I would not recommend this to the lite reader. While it is not full of quantum or Sting mechanics to mire you in science too much it is a story with a deep concept.»

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