[Review] SF Signal: The Astral Disruptor by Rhys Hughes

08 Mar 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 156 parole

«While the setup of The Astral Disruptor positions itself as a straightforward mystery, It's clear from early on that the author's approach is much more lighthearted. Mischief, for example, lives in the city of Buzzati (named after the Italian author) and soon makes calls to other cities in what is known as "Literary Italy". There is also a running gag with the increasing impropriety of Mischief's mechanical "monster", Chives. This is not to say that Hughes is playing strictly for laughs; indeed he even meta-observes that "Literary Italy or Lit-It is shaped like a boot, the critical boot that kicks the author who tries too hard to be clever." The humor is more of a nod than a nudge, which is to say that Hughes' use of humor is perfectly doled out: frequent enough to elicit smiles yet not too prevalent to intrude on the story.»


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