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13 Mar 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 184 parole

«A poignant tale about where imaginary best friends go after we are done with them.
This story focuses on, Mr Paloobi; a suited bear like figure that is conjured up from the imagination of a lonely, overlooked young boy. They play chess and eat dinner together, but never share chocolate, and build up a very sweet and innocent relationship. When the young boy discovers girls and finally starts growing up Mr Paloobi gets sent to "warm the bench" where he spends his time dwelling on the friendship that developed, was nurtured and then lost.
After 70yrs on the bench, he is finally called back into play. As the ageing process starts to deteriorate his long, lost friend's mind, you are left contemplating the worries faced when getting older.
The author has put a positive spin on these problems by providing a comforting idea that it may not be all that lonely when your memories start to fade.
An accessible story that touches on the uncertainties of ageing in a sensitive and thoughtful way. »

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