[Review] By the Book Reviews: "From Words to Brain"

14 Mar 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 141 parole

«I suggest to you that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) neuroscience graduate student Livia has in "From Words to Brain" written a pretty good introduction to Linguistics as a field of study both formal or private. She quite specifically looks at language in terms of story.

She makes the point that reading a story literally affects us physically. We are naturally empathic creatures who truly do share the emotional lives of characters whose identity to us is that of squiggly spots on a page. What Blackburne adds to the discussion in this cleanly-written extended essay is some quite intriguing physical evidence of the specific effects writing has on the reader.

Very enjoyable, and 99 cents a download on Kindle, well worth the price.

And that's the final word.»

Full review: bythebookreviews.blogspot.com

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