[Review] eCapris: The Morality of Hollywood Action Movies: "The Narrative Escape" by Tom Stafford

28 Mar 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 120 parole

«Along with providing well-chosen evidence to support his opinion, Stafford makes easy the moral imperative the reader must consider in response to this evidence. While not taking everything at face value, people need to "wake up" to themselves and perform the "Narrative Escape." Stafford states, "although stories pretend to be the world, they aren't, they can't be, unless joined by the reflective power of mind." This reflection is the "Narrative Escape," the mentality that will keep us commanders of ourselves.

Well-executed, interesting, and fully referenced, "The Narrative Escape," in such few pages, presents a thought-provoking idea and adds texture to the larger concept of New Ways of Thinking.»

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