Dreams created by dreamspinners

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Released today. Happy reading!

Daniel Pearlman, The Final Dream

Daniel Pearlman "Daniel Pearlman's stories are perfectly-crafted gems ... wry and wise, funny and sad--impossibly, all at the same time."
[Jack Dann, Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner]

"A single story by Daniel Pearlman signals the world that here's a rare and wonderful talent."
[Joe R. Lansdale]


The Final Dream

To avoid nightmares, people plug in to dreams created by dreamspinners. But, suddenly, the dream maker wreaks havoc and torments the customers.

A short-novel by Daniel Pearlman

"Media coverage was as heavy as Brian had anticipated. National Funscope gave top billing today to its noontime “Dreambeam” feature. The set of dreams that Brian had experienced last night was in some ways the most remarkable performance ever beamed by the great Iones. Not for a moment did Brian doubt Iones’s stature as the world’s greatest dreamist. But the incomparable Iones, full of surprises as he was, had certainly pulled the rug out from under him last night! The great artist had spun a delightful web in his brain, a tale of mounting suspense that was just coming to some gratifying conclusion when it abruptly ended just before the moment of climax."

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