[Review] eCapris: Hands Off My Favorite Coffee Mug!: "Keepsakes" by Mike Resnick

16 Apr 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 166 parole

«Along with an entertaining plot, the story raises some ethical questions:

If the Star Gypsies aren't actually breaking any laws, is it ethically permissible to capture and punish them just for doing something their "victims" find offensive?

...it's against all logic for rational beings to take pleasure from bringing unhappiness to others.

If this is the case, might not the Star Gypsies have a reason for taking the keepsakes? And, if so, are the officers actually the bad guys (for bringing unhappiness to the Gypsies by capturing them)?

And under what pretense is an all-out war permissible?

Along with asking these heavy questions, reading "Keepsakes" prompted me to consider: Which of my possessions could I not bear to lose? I've been peering at all of my stuff, giving it a suspicious eye.

It's a good question:

Which object/thing could you not live without? If the Star Gypsies claimed a keepsake, what would they take from you?»

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