Smart magma, new furry species, artificial intelligence... Paul Di Filippo rules, again!

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Exciting news this week.
After The Final Dream by Daniel Pearlman (published yesterday), a new hot release today.  
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Wawes And Smart MagmaPaul Di Filippo
Waves and smart magma

Smart magma, new furry species, artificial intelligence, sorcerors... Paul Di Filippo rules, again!

Storm, the protagonist of the last Paul Di Filippo's story, is not human, as you can realize thanks to his furry appearance, but he has been created by humans.

When the same species that bring him to life destroyed his family during a bloody battle, he felt not only astonished and angry, but also confused about his identity and his origin.

In search of himself, Storm begins a long trip that leads him to explore the bioregion around a volcano - full of strange and smart creatures - and to deal with the globally distributed artificial intelligence, who appears like “a kindly sorceror from some old human epic”. This weird figure ask him to join a mission with other ten guardians that helps Storm to understand that it doesn't matter where are you from, the most important thing is where are you going.

$ 0,99 (£ 0,71) **until April, 31  | Genre: ***#sci-fi*

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