[Review] eCapris: The Past is the Next Generation: "Vicarious Pleasures" by Jacob Appel

26 Apr 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 128 parole

«I was moved by Vicarious Pleasures and greatly appreciated its emotional intelligence. As I read the climax and conclusion, I felt - like a heavy quilt - the weight of human acceptance and intuition settle on me.

It left me quiet, ponderous. Appel's simple language somehow allows the complexity of this story's emotion to sneak right in. My initial reaction upon finishing Vicarious Pleasures was "whoa."

I know - right? After reading such an affecting story, my response is monosyllabic slang?! I don't know if this is insulting or complimentary to the author, but I'm certain my subconscious has good intentions.

I hope my "Whoa" is the first bubble in the pot of water set to boil.»

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