Scamps of disorder

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Released just now. Enjoy your reading.


Scamps of Disorder Rhys Hughes
Scamps of disorderEnglish | Italian

Scamps of Disorder is a novelette by Rhys Hughes, composed by two different tales. Or maybe not.

The Candid Slyness of Scurrility Forepaws

Don't be polite. Don't be good. The world is evil. If you are innocent, then you are weak, you are exposed to the injustice of society. But you have a chance: try to increase the chaos in the world. This is what Scurrility Forepaws had learned from his father. And this what he is trying to do. But remember that: trying to be evil is not so easy, because you can't predict the effect of you behavior. Never.

The Ghost Written Autobiography of a Disembodied Spirit

Do you think you are alive? Are you sure? Toby Knott, an obituary writer, is not. Well, he was. But when his wife broke up with him, she said: "You are dead to me". And since that moment, he is sure to be dead. Why not? If you have an answer, please follow his adventure and try it out.

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