Keepsakes and The Final Dream: 40k's Call for Reviewers!

10 May 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 210 parole

Yes, man, we're looking for you. Do you like Sci-fi, intimate, dreamlike stories? Than you can be interested on our offer: a call for reviewers. Here're titles we're interested to listen your opinion about:


This intense short sci-fi novel by Mike Resnkic, recently nominated for the Hugo (and it is his 35th time!), is about an alien race that comes like a plague, helping people and pretending an heavy price back. So heavy that someone has to investigate about: but what they're going to discover is that not everything, of course, is as clear and certain as it seems.

Curious about it? Get some more infos here.


What about a future without instinct and irrationality? What if technology becomes a tool to control and remove them from our lifes? What could be your final dream, then? Daniel Pearlman bring us into this dystopic world with a critical approach to an omnipresent technology showing us unpredictable consequences.

Would you like to know something more? Take a look here.


If you are interested on reviewing a copy of Keepsakes or The Final Dream contact us. We've five copies of each title to give away: be the first to share his opinion on our books!

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