[Review] Nimbin Life: Keepsakes

25 May 2011 in international, reviews | questo post è lungo 141 parole

«Keepsakes opens as starfaring a police procedural. All the usual suspects are there - the grizzled older cop who's seen it all, the keen new starter who's convinced he has the answers and is going to shake things up, and the fast food joint across from the cop shop, where the real gossip and (of course) real work happen.

Keepsakes is certainly no whodunit though. The perpetrators are revealed in the first sentence, and named in the third paragraph. Instead, the story morphs into a more ambitious and thoughtful piece about how our motivation can't be unpicked from our nature, and the surprising strength of our attachment to the things we treasure most.

This is a tale about what humans value, and about human values: Is morality more important than legality?»

Full review: 2oz.blogspot.com

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