40k Librarians!

29 Jun 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 191 parole

Librarians!As you may have understood, we 40k guys tremendously enjoy our job. And that's also because you, the readers, are the most intelligent part of the whole publishing system.

With your feedbacks, reviews, opinions and partecipation we're able to grow up, to emprove our editorial proposal, to take care about what really means: books and readers.

Here's our idea, then: a call for librarians. What's that? A gamesome way to join our community.

Send us your ** email linked with your Amazon account**: each time we publish a new title we'll pick 5 addresses and the selected librarians will receive a Kindle Gift.

Just a few rules:

  • there is no obligation to review the book (you know: if you don't review it, it is a feedback as important as the review);

  • there is no obligation to review positively the book. We are looking for feedbacks, not necessarily for good feedbacks.

So, if you're interested, send an email to: letizia [at] 40kbooks.com

NOTE: Italian readers interested to become 40k librarians, please, do not send us an Amazon email, but just your normal email. We'll send you review copies through Bookrepublic.

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