Science fiction at its best should be crazy and dangerous, not sane and safe

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"Science fiction at its best should be crazy and dangerous, not sane and safe."

In How to Write Science Fiction Paul Di Filippo explains his point of view: every story is an adventure, mostly for the reader. But the best adventures are the ones that need to be deciphered: in other words those "wild-eyed, overstuffed, multiplex, maximalist, recomplicated, high-bandwidth" stories described in his essay.

Is that a traditional "how-to write" book? Not at all. Di Filippo tells us about theories, books, authors, ideas that inspired him to write his novels, showing us from where his humorous, rich and expressionist style comes. Sure we're not facing ordinary science fiction. Interested? Check out its Facebook's Page.

If you'd like to try yourself what I'm talking about, you can read Wikiworld. Suggesting this story, a friend of mine told me "Di Filippo demystifys and puts everything into farce". I've been enraptured by this idea and I bet you'll be too. And please, let me know if it happens.

"And now that things have quieted down, I figured people would be calm enough to want to listen to the whole story behind those frighteningly exciting events.": what a start for an exciting story!

If my opinion is not enough – and I definitely agree with you on that – please consider that Cory Doctorow, after reading Wikiworld, said: "One absolute knock-out story… that is among the most exciting pieces of fiction I’ve read in years".

Do you want more? Here we are. Start with Return to the Twentieth Century, for instance. The war between sexes is going to turn upside down civilization and going down in "a cataclysm of gender warefare". A funny and engaging fight with an – of course – unexpected ending.

Or you may prefer Waves and Smart Magma: the reaserch of himself by Storm, our main charachter, who begins a long trip that leads him to explore the bioregion around a volcano – full of strange and smart creatures – and to deal with the globally distributed artificial intelligence. What's wrong with that? Well, Storm is not human, as you can realize thanks to his furry appearance. And this is not the only weird thing on this story.

Enjoy the reading!

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