Secret Lives

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Jeff VanderMeer, World Fantasy Award winner, is a full time fantasy best seller author. You can also read his essays and reviews for The Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly, The New York Times Book Review, and many others. "Secret Lives" was previously published in a signed, limited, numbered edition.

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Jeff VanderMeer Secret Lives

"Every couple of years, George Ware sneaks off for three or four weeks. "Business trip", he tells his family. "Family obligations" he tells his employer and his secretary. "You're strong. You'll survive", he tells the cats. The cats are not convinced, but, then, they never are…"

A retired stamp collector, a priest who loves cooking and science fiction, an assistant professor that looks like a mad scientist, an aspiring librarian and a builder with the obsession with 18th century automata. What do they have in common? Secrets, of course. But even passion for collecting and reading books, fantasy and science fiction, mostly.

They're quite similar to you, actually, isn't it? Would you like to discover their Secret Lives in a funny, ingenious and amazing way?

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