The only thing that ever really sells books

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David Gaughran, Word-of-Mouth In Action

#amWriting While a glowing review in the New York Times will undoubtedly shift some copies, if the limited amount of people that actually read the reviews (and then purchase the book), don’t then spread the word, the sales bump will be temporary.

The 21st century world-weary reader is a hard person to reach. Our environment has become so saturated with advertisements that we tend to tune them out. Broadcasters need to resort to tricks like raising the volume levels of the ads to force us to pay attention.

We ignore ads because we don’t trust them. Exaggerated claims of the merits of one brand over another have been with us for so long that our automatic disposition seems to be skeptical towards the alleged virtues of any advertised product. Read more

Money quote

What converts new readers is a recommendation from a trusted source.

Forking paths

Maximing Digital Book Sales Vs Writing A Book - Making Money

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