For readers, is $1.99 too much for 30-45 minutes of entertainment?

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Gabe Habash (Publishers Weekly): "For writers, are Kindle Singles the new New Yorker–are they the best way to get your story to a large number of people and make a good amount of money?
“The Bathtub Spy” is listed as a title directly sold by Amazon Digital Services, so we can assume it falls under their 70/30 split model. This means that $1.39 of every sale goes directly into Rachman’s pocket.
The closest estimate for how much The New Yorker pays for a short story is $7,500 (though this former staff writer stated he received $3/word), which, at that rate, means Rachman would have to sell about 5,400 copies of his story through Amazon to equal what he’d make publishing through The New Yorker.

Amazon has always been tight-lipped about sales, but “The Bathtub Spy” is currently #46 in the paid Kindle store, and #2 in the Kindle Singles store. It’s hard to believe that in the long run, his story will be downloaded less than 5,000 times. However, we don’t know exactly what rate Rachman would command at The New Yorker, so if he were to receive something in the ballpark of $3 per word, he’d be getting closer to $20,000 for a story in the magazine, which, obviously, would be much harder to surpass through Amazon."
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"For readers, is $1.99 too much for 30-45 minutes of entertainment?"
(Hey, this is our answer)

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