Konrath: "Publishing can't survive. It just can't. It is no longer necessary"

24 Aug 2011 in international, interviews | questo post è lungo 184 parole

***Joe Konrath: "Here are some things we'll see happening soon.*Big authors will fight to keep their erights. They can make 70% on their own vs 17.5% through a publisher. They have the leverage, and will use it. If Locke, whose print sales numbers are unproven and open to speculation, can demand to keep his erights, Stephen King and James Patterson will make the same demands. They're watching Locke, and Pottermore. If enough Big Authors follow suit, the Big 6 won't be able to recover.

Publishers will start offering better royalties for erights. They have to. But they'll never be able to offer better than 70%. As I've stated for years, the value of a publisher is their lock on print distribution. When print distribution doesn't matter because print sales are so tiny, there will be no reason for any author to sign with the Big 6."
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Money quote

"Publishing can't survive. It just can't. It is no longer necessary."

Forking paths

Indie Publishing – A Win/Win For All Concerned? Vs.  Publishers need to not even think of readers as readers

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